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Sexy Loz at work in the garden!

Sexy Loz at work in the garden

Online: 10 May 2014
Loz Lorrimar relaxes for a moment after dong som ehard work at the computer. Luckily her office is outside and she can take time to enjoy her hose and heels in the sun, just for you!
Leather fetish in the sun!

Leather fetish in the sun

Online: 23 February 2014
Sexy Welsh pornstar babe Loz Lorrimar looks positively edible in this sexy little fetish outfit. With her sexy red hair and lips set against the shocking blue leather mini-dress, Loz is as striking as she is beautiful, we're sure you'll agree!
Sexy Loz Lorrimar in school uniform fun!

Sexy Loz Lorrimar in school uniform fun

Online: 03 January 2014
Lovely Loz Lorrimar decided to put on her sexy school uniform playset for these cheeky photos. Teaming the outfit with a killer pair of stilettos, Loz smoulders outdoors, plays with her pussy and enjoys sticking in her favourite vibrator! Lush!
Maisie, Denis and Loz gangbanging!

Maisie, Denis and Loz gangbanging

Online: 27 December 2013
Sexy British babes Maisie Dee and Loz Lorrimar were joined by their Polish sex friend Denis and a couple of amateur bemasked-swingers in this great gangbang shoot!
Schoolgirl Loz plays with her pussy!

Schoolgirl Loz plays with her pussy

Online: 12 December 2013
Lovely Loz Lorrimar gets out her old school uniform and goes outside for a play with her pussy alfresco style. I bet she didn't team it up with stilettos, or got her tits out and played with her pussy LAST time she wore the uniform, but we're not complaining, that's for sure!!
Basque, stockings, heels and Loz!

Basque, stockings, heels and Loz

Online: 10 November 2013
Super-fuckable Loz Lorrimar shows why she's one of the countries most loved pornstar models with this excellent bridal lingerie set. Dressed in a gorgeous basque, lace-topped stockings and heels, Loz is sexy enough to turn a gay man straight looking like that, and I'm sure she probably has!
Spanking fun for Loz and Shay Hendrix!

Spanking fun for Loz and Shay Hendrix

Online: 18 October 2013
It appears that sexy Loz Lorrimar has displeased her mistress Shay Hendrix. For that, there can only be one appropriate sanction, and that is a darn good spanking. Shay takes full advantage of Loz and spanks her with her hand, a paddle and a crop.... That is, before she enjoyed Loz's lovely little pussy!
Loz Lorrimar orgasms in the sun!

Loz Lorrimar orgasms in the sun

Online: 07 October 2013
Lovely British pornstar Loz Lorrimar stepped outside in a funky bright pair of killer heels, and feeling very, very sexy. She certainly gave the neighbors and eyeful as she spread her legs and took her favourite vibro to her sweet little snatch
Country girl Loz anal fucking!

Country girl Loz anal fucking

Online: 26 September 2013
Lovely British pornstar babe Loz Lorrimar took time out to go work a few hours at her local farm. The owner took a shine to her immediately and wanted to fuck the tits off her
Sexy Santa with Loz Lorrimar in fishnets and boots!

Sexy Santa with Loz Lorrimar in fishnets and boots

Online: 11 September 2013
Gorgeous Loz Lorrimar looked stunning in this Christmas-themed little shoot. Dressed in a sexy Santa outfit with white fishnet stockings and red spiked leather boots, Loz looked absolutely knockout. Our photographer had trouble concealing his boner, which gave Loz a fit of the giggles (and made her pussy sopping wet too, cheeky girl!)
Leather-clad Loz in the sun!

Leather-clad Loz in the sun

Online: 24 August 2013
Gorgeous British pornstar babe Loz Lorrimar is the dom in leather today! She's in charge today and she's not afraid to tell you! Better get on your knees you dirty boy!
Loz gets shagged by a fan!

Loz gets shagged by a fan

Online: 19 July 2013
What a lucky guy indeed! This amateur dude is a great fan of Loz Lorrimar and dropped her a line to see if she wanted to shoot with him. She flipped a coin and juiced up when it landed heads! She loves head!
Loz Lorrimars new sex toy!

Loz Lorrimars new sex toy

Online: 24 June 2013
Lovely British pornstar Loz Lorrimar loves trying out new sex toys. Dressed in a sexy pair of white panties and short stockings, Loz thought shed test her pussy with a new ridged pink vibrator. Buzz up and lets go!
Loz, Cyprus and JJ threesome!

Loz, Cyprus and JJ threesome

Online: 26 April 2013
British pornstar Holiday sex has never been so much fun! Sexy Cyprus Isles and Joanna Jet spied on a sexy Loz Lorrimar whilst on holiday. Rumbled, they then got together and started feeling each others tits, ending up with Joanna jizzing on Loz and Cyprus' faces!
Loz gets anal and DP!

Loz gets anal and DP

Online: 10 February 2013
Sexy British pornstar Loz Lorrimar was happily doing some work with her personal trainer, when he started getting lustful thoughts. She did too, so she let him fuck her in the ass- and let Tony DP her with him!!
Loz and Jane Bond lessie fun!

Loz and Jane Bond lessie fun

Online: 11 January 2013
Sexy Loz Lorrimar and her gorgeous milf friend Jane Bond were feeling a little horny. They were waiting for their friend Tony James to come over and fuck them in a shoot, but their pussies were wet and couldnt wait!!
Joanna and Loz alfresco fuck!

Joanna and Loz alfresco fuck

Online: 27 December 2012
Sexy British pornstar Loz Lorrimar and her good friend and tranny pornstar babe Joanna Jet hooked up for an outdoor fuck. Alfresco sex is always great fun, but on a nice sunny day in the countryside it was horny heaven!
Loz works hard and gets off!

Loz works hard and gets off

Online: 26 November 2012
Gorgeous Loz Lorrimar had been working hard at the computer all day and thought she deserved a break. So she slipped off her clothes, down to her sexy under, black stockings and stilettos and fingered her pussy and ass until she came to a shuddering climax
Loz looking funky in the sun!

Loz looking funky in the sun

Online: 07 September 2012
Sexy Welsh babe Loz Lorrimar went on vacation recently, for a rest from all that hard work stripping, getting fucked and generally being a superstar pornobabe.... and then stripped out of her funky outfit for a shoot for us! [Thats the spirit, babe! lol]
Samaras first girl-girl scene ever!!

Samaras first girl-girl scene ever!

Online: 02 September 2012
Loz Lorrimar is a bi-pornstar babe, we ALL know that. But lovely Samara had never done a girl-girl scene on camera before, only having a drunken fumble with a hot chick in a club once as her only `pink` experience! Well, as you'll see, she LOVED it!
Loz and Shay fuck in the tat parlour!

Loz and Shay fuck in the tat parlour

Online: 19 August 2012
This cheeky little roleplay shoot involved the stunning Shay Hendrix going along to her local tattoo parlour for some decoration, only to find a horny Loz Lorrimar there!
Threesome fuck on the beach!

Threesome fuck on the beach

Online: 15 August 2012
Wow, Tony James sure is a lucky guy- he normally gets to shoot with some top girls, but two at once! Shay Hendrix and Loz Lorrimar bumped into him on a short vacation away and... well... the inevitable happened!
Loz Lorrimar gets off and goes out!

Loz Lorrimar gets off and goes out

Online: 26 July 2012
Sexy British blonde honey Loz Lorrimar was feeling very horny one night recently and had intended to pull a bloke while she was partying.... but then couldn't wait so had a crafty rub to get off first!
Loz humps another fan!

Loz humps another fan

Online: 12 June 2012
Gorgeous British pornstar a-lister Loz Lorrimar has gone and done it again!! A fan of hers get in touch with her on a social media site and brazenly asked if he could come and fuck her - and she could keep the content. She said yes and this dude had the time of his life!
Teacher Shay spanks Loz!

Teacher Shay spanks Loz

Online: 03 June 2012
Oops, bit of naught roleplay going on here between Miss Shay Hendrix and her subby girlfriend, the lovely Loz Lorrimar. See Loz taking a red ass from Shays hand, before getting frigged by a leather handled strap. (Loz LOVED this shoot btw)
Pornstar threesome sex in the sun!

Pornstar threesome sex in the sun

Online: 30 May 2012
Blimey, what a lucky guy Tony James is!!! He was chatting up lovely Loz Lorrimar one evening one sunny evening when (as she does) she responded and started sucking his cock! Next thing they're fucking, and then Cyprus Isles was feeling left out so jumped in too!!
Loz and Joanna Jet go al fresco!

Loz and Joanna Jet go al fresco

Online: 11 May 2012
Gorgeous British pornstar Loz Lorrimar and her good friend and A-list tranny pornstar Joanna Jet decide to go outdoors for a shag. Nothing better than some fresh country air while banging away!
Sexy Loz enjoys some `me` time!

Sexy Loz enjoys some `me` time

Online: 08 April 2012
Wow, what a sexy woman Loz Lorrimar is. Dressed for sex in a gorgeous leopardskin body, fishnet stockings and heels, Loz flips out her dildo and enjoys a little `me` time
Loz and Shay get lickin' in leather!

Loz and Shay get lickin' in leather

Online: 27 February 2012
Sexy British babes Loz Lorrimar and Shay Hendrix are two of the MOST bisexual pornstars in the UK, so when they slip on the `fuckme` leather boots, they just find each other irresistable!
Sexy Loz in her leopardskin!

Sexy Loz in her leopardskin

Online: 16 January 2012
Yes, yes, yes!! Nothing better than a girl in heels... well, a girl in fishnets and heels.... well, a sexy British pornstar in leopardskin lingerie and fishnets and heels with a glass dildo inside her! YES!!!
Loz and Jane Bond get a good screwing!

Loz and Jane Bond get a good screwing

Online: 03 January 2012
Tony James always loves fucking Jand Bond. Tony James also loves fucking Loz Lorrimar. So when the opportunity came to shoot with Loz and Jane, he got a woody at the thought of it! And who can blame him?
Shay and Loz shag at the beach!

Shay and Loz shag at the beach

Online: 22 December 2011
Phwaor, what a party this was!!! Sexy British honeys Shay Hendrix and Loz Lorrimar hook up with their best shagging-friend Tony James for a little sex on the beach! These two get a good fucking before Tony shoots his jizz over their sexy faces. Nice!
Loz Lorrimar shags a dude called Matt!

Loz Lorrimar shags a dude called Matt

Online: 09 August 2011
Yeah Loz was looking round for some extra cocks to bang out one night when she had a note from an amateur dude called Matt. He stepped up to the plate alright, so to by way of thanks sucked his cock like a good 'un and then let him shag the tits off her! Lucky man indeed!
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